No text printed in ./rustserver console


I have a Rust server running with linuxGSM and everything works fine, except that I cant get the console (./rustserver console) to print texts about umod plugins. I’m currently coding mods for Rust and I need those error messages that the console window will print when plugins fails to load.

With umod (Rust modding tool, you probably know about it) you can overwrite plugins at runtime and the server will update them. If any error occur a text message will be printed in the console (I want to see those error messages).

If its possible to see the default Rust console (with just alot of texts) I would love to know how I do it. I have also been checking the log folder but cant see anything related to what I want in those files.

Hi @Mike

Rust does not have a server console, instead, you need to connect using RCON.
Official Tool: