Mod'n 7 days to die

I am having a little trouble of Moding “7 days to die” using LGSM.
Currently, I am manually applying them but it would be nice “./sdtdserver mi” worked
It sees only one Mod that is defunc. The site changed and name of mod changed.
It does not see any other Mod out there.

There is very little documentation.

Hi! I’ll try to get someone who knows more about this to reply to your post. Otherwise if you want faster support, try using the LinuxGSM discord support channels. The Forums are brand new and not used heavily at the moment. Cheers.

Hi @pcole2,

While Oxide was renamed to UMod they are still using the Oxide name for 7 Days to Die

So you can continue to use the built in method of installing/updating it.