Meda of Honor AA

Hello, I have this problem after running the installation script. I’ dont know if it is a problem that the moh_revival_v1.12_RC3.5.1.tar.xz package is downloaded incorrectly or if it is a decompression error.


I am running it on Ubuntu 18.04.4. I also tried Debian 9.4.0 and the same thing happens.

Thank you.

I have deleted all the files and tried to download everything again. The problem is that the connection to download moh_revival stops and downloads the corrupt file.

If I try to download the file with wget from the GitHub page something similar happens. The download stops twice but then reconnects to finish downloading the package.


I have managed to install moh revival by downloading the package with wget to the /home/ mohaaserver/lgsm/tmp directory and then running the installation script. It works well.
There is something wrong with downloading moh_revival using the script. That is what has given me trouble.