Cod UO checksum error

Installing Call of Duty: United Offensive Server

verifying coduo-lnxded-1.51b-full.tar.xz with MD5…FAIL
coduo-lnxded-1.51b-full.tar.xz returned MD5 checksum: 70e8663000f06218468761bf429b6f35
expected MD5 checksum: 35cabccd67adcda44aaebc59405915b9

This is what I get during ./coduoserver install. Has there been some update?

There might be some problems with reliability of downloads. Try to clear tmp folder and install again.

Message of Dev in Discord:


The file download is interrupted and the installation script does not resume the connection to finish downloading it, that is why the MD5 does not match.

I have had the same problems with MOHAA and CODWAW.
-Go to the tmp directory
~$ cd lgsm/tmp

-Delete the corrpted file
~$ rm coduo-lnxded-1.51b-full.tar.xz

-Download the file without the script on the tmp directory
~$ wget

-Finally run the installation script.

Hope this can help you.